Using Sonos with Domoticz for doorbell

Those of you who are lucky enough to own one or several Sonos speakers will know that they can really brighten up your home and create a wonderful, encapsulating audio experience.

But alongside being able to stream pretty much any song from a variety of sources to any or all rooms of your home is the wonderful capability of being able to be controlled via HTTP requests. Based on this, with the help of some imagination and perhaps some scripting, the possibilities are ever-growing.


Cyber Security Month: Stay safe online with a 2-minute security check-Up

We all know we need to be safe and secure when doing anything on the Internet, whether it’s talking to people, our friends and family, even complete strangers, or more confidential tasks such as online banking and grocery shopping. What ever our reasons are, they all share one thing in common, they always need to be safe.

Surfing the Internet is meant to be fun, exciting and a quick and easy way to get vast amounts of information right at your fingertips.


Sky HD control over LAN network

Sky HD box and remote control

A few months ago as part of my home automation project I started looking into the possibilities of being able to control my Sky HD box via network commands, allowing scripts to be run and perform certain actions.

At first, it proved really difficult as a lot of Google results I had landed upon were either old, incomplete, or just plain rubbish. That was until I stumbled upon the link that finally fixed it, in a simple and single command line interface!


LightwaveRF for the home

LightwaveRF double dimmer

In this modern day of living where most of our daily routines are in some way operated by our smartphones, it seems quite logical that you may be interested to find out what possibilities there are to ‘future proof’ your house for the modern age of living.

When we think of home automation we start to conjure up an idea of a newly built house with thousands of feet of cabling inside the walls, all linked up to thousands pounds worth of equipment either in a basement or a cupboard.